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Beanbag Design
  Quality Policy


Customer Focus
To Satisfy our customers' needs and expectations
To Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet
To Meet all commitments to customers on time
Performance Driven

To Verify that our products and services meet agreed requirements

To Monitor, benchmark and continuously improve our business, products, services, organization and employees' performance

To Provide best service backup for our customers

Commitment to Quality
Quality values are internalized at every level of the organization. Our approach to communicating and implementing these values is one of encouragement, education and training rather than making policies. Ongoing education and individual support provide employees with the tools, confidence, and motivation they need to implement quality philosophy.

Through a quality training program, employees will learn, both the importance of quality and how to measure it and a commitment to continually improving the quality and reliability of Lake’s products and services. We work to offer a very low impurity profile in our products.